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 Date Unknown to 6/21/08-Chaos Age

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Date Unknown to 6/21/08-Chaos Age Empty
PostSubject: Date Unknown to 6/21/08-Chaos Age   Date Unknown to 6/21/08-Chaos Age Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 3:44 pm

Numbers decrease and increase, still [EIL] remains a weak power. Many people join [EIL], some stay and others disband. Order isn't completely established, rivalries break out between other weak and minor powers.

After several months of chaos, [EIL] begins reformation of its ranks and command structure into a major military force. The Elite Imperial Legion Auxilia [EILA], is formed as a sub-division and given its own leader, and rank structure.

The Chaos Age also holds the mark of the KazeReborn Provocation, which lasted from 5/23/08 to 5/25/08. KazeReborn, a weaker and pathetic excuse for a clan, provokes [EIL] and [EILA]. KazeReborn was finally utterly and effortlessly crushed by Primus Pilus, Col. Sanders. After this humiliating defeat, KazeReborn disbanded and was not heard from again.

After the KazeReborn Provocation, the Tribune Council appears along with a set of laws for members to follow. With these new events and steps toward a "civilized" clan, the decline of the Chaos Age begins. The arrival of Imperial Legion Intelligence [ILI], a new branch of law enforcement, is founded. [EIL], [EILA], [ILI] also adopt the name of Legio XXV Italica.

With these events in motion, Legio XXV Italica heads into what we call the Reformation Age, permanently marking the end of the Chaos Age.
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Date Unknown to 6/21/08-Chaos Age
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